Contrast media injectors

SinoAngio-1200 DSA injector SinoAngio-1200 DSA injector
SinoAngio-1200 is a model of injector for digital substraction angiography machine.


SinoMRI-A/AP injector SinoMRI-A/AP injector
SinoMRI A/AP is model of high pressure injector for MRI with contrast,also names MRI with iv contrast.

SinoMRI-B/BP Injector SinoMRI-B/BP Injector
 SinoMRI injector is contrast media injector for MRI.

DSA injector syringe DSA injector syringe
Sinomdt now provides volume from 125ml to 150ml of syringe kits for DSA contrast media injector. 

MRI injector syringe MRI injector syringe
 Sinomdt now provides volume from 60ml to 115ml of syringe kits for MRI dye injection, MRI scan injection.

CT injector syringe CT injector syringe
 Sinomdt now provides 100ml and 200ml volume syringe kits for CT contrast media injector.