Rezonanta magnetica/4k Cold Head 200kg Load 3.0 Tesla Superconducting Basda MRI Bstar-300

4k Cold Head 200kg Load 3.0 Tesla Superconducting Basda MRI Bstar-300

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Shape: Bore Magnet Field Strength: 3.0 Tesla
RF: Dual Transmit Magnet Vertical Gap: 60cm
Center Frequency: 127.7 MHz Load Of Patient Table: 200 Kg
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200kg Load Basda MRI

4k Cold Head Basda MRI

200kg Load wide bore mri machine

BSTAR-300 superconducting MRI bore type low liquid helium good image quality fast scan 4k cold head 


3.0 Tesla Superconductive MRI

Product Introduction
At present, only two domestic brands passed SFDA's product registration for 3.0 Tesla superconducting MR. We proudly announce that Basda Medical is one of them.
During the past 6-7 years, though some domestic manufacturers have successively introduced some 1.5T superconducting MRI, the key technology of 3.0T magnetic resonance has always been in the hands of a few oversea well-known brands. To give a vivid example, 1.5T superconducting magnetic resonance is like an intermediate family car which everyone can drive and conquer well. However, the 3.0T superconducting MR is an F1 racecar, and only a professionally trained driver can skillfully drive it. The metaphor is also true in the field of MRI machines. The design and development problems of 3.0T MRI has long plagued the major domestic brands.
Magnet sub system
Bstar-300 adapts advanced active shielding superconducting magnet, has the following features,
1, the magnetic field uniformity is excellent;
2, good magnetic field stability;
3, config with “zero liquid helium consumption” technology, the liquid helium refill time interval is more than 4 years
Gradient sub system
Gradient sub system directly determines the spatial encoding of MRI system, it produces the signal information, at the same time it can perform GR series sequence scanning, it is the foundation of MRI system’s spatial resolution ability, gradient sub system also directly affect the scanning image thin slice scanning.
The linearity of gradient system of MRI system determine the accuracy of spatial location information, ensuring that in any acquisition, the image distortion is limited.
Gradient switching rate is an important factor of MRI scanning speed. Bstar-300 using the self-shielding gradient coil and high duty cycle gradient amplifier system, together with eddy elimination technology and design, can avoid the eddy current between the metal shielding layers, raise up the spatial encoding ability of the magnetic resonance signal and make the scan more precise, ensure high resolution image quality.
During superconducting MRI scans, the noise is much bigger, and staying in a closed environment, the patient is easy to fall into tension. Bstar-300’s gradient sub system adopts special hardware noise reduction design technology, the gradient noise is reduced to 2/3, provide patients with friendly scanning environment.
The gradient system is equipped with automatic detection function, if the temperature is too high, the system can intelligently stop the scanning, to protection of hardware from being damaged.
The system uses water chiller to produce a stable running condition.
RF sub system
The RF sub system is the source of MRI proton excitation energy, its efficiency directly affects the MRI relax signal. RF receiver receive MRI relax signal, a good receiving coil can improve the SNR of image.
The RF sub system is similar as highway lane, the more lanes, the faster flow of vehicles. Vice versa, the more the RF system channels, the faster parallel acquisition, thus the system can process the greater the amount of data in the same time, reduce the imaging time. Bstar-300 uses 16/32 channel radio frequency receiving, combined with the latest parallel sampling technology, using the DDC digital direct sampling, can short the scan time and get excellent image quality.

Rich coil configuration
The Receiver coil, together with parallel acquisition technology, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and image quality. The customer can choose according to the clinical needs (specific configuration of the coil number and types will be subject to final contract).
  1. AIT coil set
  2. Knee coil
  3. Shoulder coil
  4. Ankle coil
  5. Wrist coil Breast coil