Rezonanta magnetica/Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030

Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030

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Magnetic Field: 0.3 Tesla Shape: Open C-Shape MRI
Material: Nd-Fe-B Magnet Gradient: Self Shielding
FOV: 20-400mm Shielding Room: Yes
High Light:

0.3 Tesla Basda MRI

Self shielding Basda MRI

0.3 Tesla full body mri machine

BTI-030 Oermanent MRI,Open Mri,Whole Body MRI for Medical Imaging 

0.30T Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner

BASDA launched BTI-030 permanent MRI system in the year 2004, since then BASDA attracted many high-tech talents researched and developed this MRI product with our self-independent intellectual property. BTI-030 combined many pioneering MRI imaging technology and human based humanized design concept, make it achieving high. BTI-030 lead a technical revolution in the permanent MRI field.



Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 0Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 1

Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 2Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 3

Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 4Self Shielding Permanent Whole Body 0.3 Tesla Basda MRI BTI-030 5


BTI-030 permanent MRI system, not only had accumulated the products’ technical essence from major companies home and abroad, but also followed the developing trend, and with constant innovation, breakthrough in the industry field and achieved:


  • Eddy zero technology

Make sure the imaging quality achieved qualitative improve.


The shimming algorithm technology (ensure field strength with high uniformity and stability), ensure the MRI system operating stably with high quality and high performance.


The high magnetic uniformity, high stability, fast and accurate position operation are always the hard breakthrough technical bottleneck. BTI-030 permanent MRI system not only breakthrough the bottleneck historically, and achieved the “high stability, high performance, high imaging quality and high efficiency”. And with the special designed high power gradient magnet field for BTI-030, it achieved as an all-new concept permanent MRI system.


  • Much open and comfort

More patient comfort and more space for surgery. Affinity C-shape magnets, creating a maximum of openness, offer a maximum vision for patients, especially leave much space comfort for obese patients, minimizing claustrophobia of patients and providing more space for MR intervention surgery.


  • Very good gradient system

Gradient system helps to provide higher resolution pictures, BTI-030 gradient system(X,Y,Z) gradient intensity is 25mT/m,Higher the gradient intensity, faster imaging speed, shorter of scanning time; Higher the gradient intensity, thinner of imaging slice, higher of image resolution


  • The new technology 4D shimming:

Use of advanced active shimming algorithm for real-time automatic shimming on each examination to ensure the magnetic field always maintain the highest uniformity. Magnetic field homogeneity and stability of the MRI images always are the most important guarantee of the high-resolution, high SNR and high contrast. They are the important indicators of the level of magnet design, the better the smaller the value, directly determines the SNR of the image, like a car chassis, stability is essential, the magnetic field uniformity is maintained at <2.5ppm in 40cm the DSV Vrms, the system can complete a wide range of scanning (40cm).


  • Eddy Zero Technology:
  1. Magnet design uses breakthrough anti-eddy current technology
  2. The gradient coil using self-shielded active anti - eddy current technology
  3.  Implementation of precision eddy current compensation algorithm, completely eliminate the impact of eddy current

    The eddy current because of the high gradient and high slew rate come from ultra-fast sequence was resolved completely, which guarantee to get the best clinic image.

  • Advanced RF system

Fast 4 channels RF system

All phased array coils provide best SNR pictures.


Standard Configurations Unit Quantity
Standard Hardware include:    
RF shielding room set 1
Permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet, Full open C-shaped eddy current-free self-consistent temperature magnet 0.35T set 1
Spectrometer pc 1
Preamplifier set 1
RF amplifier pc 1
Flat panel transmitter coil set 1
Gradient amplifier pc 1
Gradient coil set 1
Computer set 1
Imaging monitor set 1
Operation table set 1
Cover and diagnostic bed set 1
Head coil set 1
Neck coil set 1
Small body coil set 1
Large body coil set 1
Knee coil set 1
bed pats set 1
Quality control water phantom pc 1
MRI safety marks set 1
Technical manual pc 1
User manual pc 1
Maintenance manual pc 1
3-phase AC voltage stabilizer pc 1
Magnet self-consistent temperature system set 1
Dual-voice-communication system set 1
Patient bed laser location system set 1
Standard Software include    
Imaging software set 1
Pulse sequence set 1
Imaging enhancement software set 1
DICOM interface software set 1
Cardiovascular imaging software set 1
Diffusion functional imaging system package set 1
(MR CINE)/ MR CINE set 1
Accident analyzing software set 1
Quality control software    
Optional Modules Unit  
Shoulder coil set  
Sport joint coil set  
Wrist Coil set  
Breast Coil set  
Flexible coil set  
Flexible body coil set  
Flat spine coil set  
Remark: RF shielding room are including RF shielding room decoration, RF shielding door, observation window, transmission board, Waveguide plate, interior lighting; excluding room construction and flooring, outside decoration of RF shielding room, operation room, equipment room, air-conditioner room and air-conditioner, external electric access and independent ground lead.    
Basda will provide the technical staff for installation, including RF shielding room installation, MRI system installation, and training; The buyer shall bear round trip air ticket from China to installation country, local transportation, food and board of Basda's technicians in country of installation for the purpose of installation, training and service.    
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