Rezonanta magnetica/0.42T Open/Permanent MRI, Low Cost, No Need Liquid Helium, More Space More Comfortable, Good Images Easier Diagnosis

0.42T Open/Permanent MRI, Low Cost, No Need Liquid Helium, More Space More Comfortable, Good Images Easier Diagnosis

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Based on humanized and intelligent design concept, low bed position design, very convenience for stretcher and patient.

High-efficiency full digital RF Amplifier system, module design of full digital spectrometer system, perfectly realized different advanced imaging technologies and greatly enlarged the sequence application range.

Available for real time display and analysis, imaging browsing and management with simple operation interface and powerful software. It meets the requirements of fast diagnosis by visual user interaction and 3D position technology, powerful positioning processing capacity, new version with optimized scanning process.

Humanized software interface, fast and intelligent positioning image scanning, help users to master the scanning skill for all parts of the body in shortest time.

Powerful image processing technology, powerful industrial computer (IPC) workstation, can complete the maximum intensity projection reconstruction in just a few seconds, very convenient for image shearing, processing and preservation, etc.

Convenient image storage and transmission. According to the different needs of the hospital, save the images in common PC format by one key, convenient for carrying and data sharing, copy data to CD; or select the DICOM network data transmission and other storage methods to meet the various needs of users at most.

Faster acquisition technology, achieve the high-speed scanning in seconds by the RF / gradient dephasing and other high-speed scanning technologies, reduce the production of respiratory motion artifacts at most.

Better reconstruction technology, adopt senior reconstruction technologies like iteration / interpolation, complete the signal data collection and K space filling in extremely short time, higher resolution images, and clearly show the fine structure.

More Powerful hardware performance. Improved hardware configuration and optimized scanning sequences, more powerful function.

Highly developed system, easy interventional therapy for MRI.

easy for MRI interventional therapy.

Perfect combination of gradient system and high-performance RF Amplifier, assure stable system function and excellent image quality.

Abundant of scanning sequences and imaging technologies.
All permanent magnet models come with high performance magnet materials to ensure the stability of the magnet. Advanced magnet eddy current free technology ensures the imaging quality. Based on different sequences and scanning environment, dynamically adjust the magnetic field, 4D active shimming technology guarantees the high uniformity of magnetic field.

High precision temperature control system of magnet, guarantee the stability of magnetic field strength, ensure the stability of imaging quality in long term, save the cost for users.