Rezonanta magnetica/Low Liquid Helium 127.7MHz 3.0T Superconducting Basda MRI Bstar-300

Low Liquid Helium 127.7MHz 3.0T Superconducting Basda MRI Bstar-300

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Magnet Field: 3.0T RF: Dual Transmit
Magnet Length: 160 Cm Vertical Gap Distance: 60 Cm
Center Frequency: 127.7 MHz Liter Of Liquid Helium: 1450
High Light:

3.0T Superconducting Basda MRI

127.7MHz Basda MRI

127.7MHz 3.0 t mri scanner

BSTAR-300 superconducting MRI bore type low liquid helium good image quality 

3.0T Superconductive MRI System 

BASDA is one of the two China's 3.0T superconducting MRI manufacturers, completely broke the high-end MRI monopoly by foreign brands.

• Main Field strength: 3.0T
• Spectrometer: Full Digital
• Receiving Channel: 816
• Receiving Coil: Phase Array Coils
• Comprehensive scanning sequences
• Advanced imaging techniques and clinical application
• Zero consumption of liquid helium
Bstar-300 is a new generation of superconducting MRI product has the advantages in novel design, excellent performance, high comfort and more patient care technology. The system adopts the international advanced hardware platform together with ergonomic operating software design, its advanced scan sequences and imaging technology, produces the customer with high stability and excellent performance, high signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution, high contrast clinical imaging and faster scanning speed.
1) it config 4k cold head from Japan, the brand is Sumitomo, that provides "zero" consumption of the liquid helium.
2) its cold head sound reduction technology helps to reduce the patient's claustrophobic fear, effectively avoid the involuntary movement which may cause the image artifacts and other potential risk.
3) it has fastest scanning speed, and the image quality is also much better than 1.5T MRI.
4) it is using all famous parts suppliers ensuring the stable system quality.
Rich coil configuration
The Receiver coil, together with parallel acquisition technology, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and image quality. The customer can choose according to the clinical needs (specific configuration of the coil number and types will be subject to final contract).
  • AIT coil set
  • Knee coil
  • Shoulder coil
  • Ankle coil
  • Wrist coil Breast coil
Low Liquid Helium 127.7MHz 3.0T Superconducting Basda MRI Bstar-300 0

Bstar-300 provides comprehensive scan kit and scanning sequence, with rich clinical application of the full body, with a full range of scan plan, assist the customer’s clinical diagnosis. Advanced scanning sequence are provided as well as all routine scan, the system also can take vascular imaging, includes a broad range of capabilities supporting fast, accurate diagnosis of brain conditions and injuries. From anatomical depiction to vascular 3D reconstruction. Bstar-300 provides the power, coils and sequences for fast, intuitive, high quality spine imaging, from routine views to advanced stitching studies.

Bstar-300 provides a versatile suite of imaging capabilities for body imaging to meet the growing demands of abdominal, pelvic, and breast exams. Including MRU/MRCP/MRM imaging, and other advanced imaging sequences. Rich post-processing software can optimize images in case necessary to help in complex diseases diagnosis, excellent image quality and abundant imaging techniques.

Workflow is critical to the efficient operation of an MRI. It impacts patient satisfaction, image quality and cost effectiveness. Bstar-300 provides full preset of clinical diagnostic scan protocol, based on rich clinical experience, corresponding arrangement and optimization have been made per related clinical application features for the scan procedure and sequence parameters of the preset scan method. With unmatched clinical capability, Bstar-300 provides an unprecedented ability to acquire complete exams with a motion compensated scan technique.

By adopting the brand-new phase array coil and scan control software, application of parallel acquisition accelerating technique, improve most sequence scanning speed, on the premise of image quality guarantee, accelerating factor can reach 6 or more as the maximum. Bstar-300 system keeps pace with international design and research, keeps improving the present clinical functions to provide lifetime free software upgrade for its users as well as let the hospital enjoy the most advanced MRI clinical application techniques.

The RF system, delivers integrated coil technology to simplify patient positioning and extend coverage with high SNR, providing extremely fast scan solution, with the help of brand-new multi-channel coil and parallel accelerating technique, it gives higher spatial resolution of head images, clearer display of anatomic structure and lesions, and less artifact.

For restless patients and those who can’t cooperate, the preset extremely fast scan sequence can be used, which is very appropriate for fetus, newborns and infants.

K_Rotat artifact erasing technique, by using stripped K space rotating filling method to complete acquisition, can completely erase the effect of movement artifact on images and greatly improve SNR at the same time to provide guarantee for accurate diagnosis.

High resolution isotropic diffusion imaging, based on powerful gradient system and amplifier system, Bstar-300 realizes faster and more reliable DWI images with high resolution, anatomic structure of head is clear, diffusion image features is obvious, very convenient for lesion location lock and lesion nature diagnosis.

HD susceptibility-weighted imaging, imaging based on the differences of magnetic susceptibility in different tissues, is a contrast enhancement technique which reflects magnetic properties of tissue. It is extremely sensitive to bleeding or de-oxidation part in blood, can provide accurate information on bleeding, arteriovenous malformation, iron deposit to realize faster and more accurate diagnosis, even the very small lesion can be quickly diagnosed too.

Fast high-resolution abdomen diffusion imaging, under the support of brand-new parallel acquisition technique, realizes abdomen diffusion imaging with high spatial resolution, high time resolution and high contrast resolution, providing excellent tool of abdomen cancer diagnosis.

Extremely HD 3D TOF blood vessel imaging, optimized K space acquisition and filling method, suppression uniform of obtained images background, no artifact, clear blood vessel trend, can display tertiary vascular or above.


scDWI (optional)

In DWI, acquisition of low-b-value has better tissue SNR, but is not sensitive enough to water proton;

Acquisition of high-b-value has better DW sensitivity of water proton, but reduces the tissue SNR as well as the lesion location function;

By using special computation method, scDWI only needs one single DWI sequence to complete the calculation of multi-b-value within certain range, min. 100s/mm². Meanwhile, comparing to direct acquisition of DWI images, scDWI technique greatly improved the SNR of high-b-value DW image, avoid distortion of high-b-value images, very good for lesion diagnosis.

The fool-proof coil interface design makes the coil live longer.

E-alarm technology

 At the same time, in Bstar-300 configuration there is a special monitoring system, it is simple and easy to operate, it can real-time monitoring the magnet internal pressure, temperature and liquid helium level, if the magnet condition is abnormal, the monitoring system can automatically send alarm information to the user's phone, it can greatly reduce the risk of magnet quenches.


Interactive environment

  • Motor-driven patient table, 200kg weight capacity.
  • High positioning accuracy.
  • Built-in-magnet high resolution screen, the operation is convenient.
  • Have emergency stop function, protect the patients.
  • Support operation on both sides of the magnet, convenient and quick.


Water chiller set

Intelligent touch screen design, visual operation, and be convenient for maintenance.

  • automatic overheating, leaking, fault detection, safe and reliable.
  • one key recovery function.
  • config with a set of spare water chilling unit, no need to have any worry about the system downtime.